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Originally posted on: August 12, 2016, 4:43 PM UTC
Blue Fields
Name : Blue Fields Cloud

Nickname : no

Species : pegasus

Age : 52

Family : Fallight (husband), seven children (including Silver Fang, Dunnock and Elusive)

Cutie mark : two blue feathers

Special talents : he's particulary light in his flight, perfect for work with cloud.

Profession : He works with his wife in their Cloud Farm

Element : Kindness

Physical : He's a medium sized pegasus, long legs, not particulary attractive

Personality :
What a gentle stalion ! He's patient, peacefull, such a fluffy teddy bunny. Everybody loves that quiet, easy going and optimistic pegasus. He's really respectfull about personnal space. He doesn't speak a lot and it can be hard to make him move or act. He's most of the time just follow his spicy wife But his silentious assurance and his mental stability make him a great suportive father for their child. When they have a huge trouble (like when Silver Fang was in deep depression after losing her complete company), their children go to speak with him and ask advice.


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