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Good old Twilight there had needs. That mushroom just amplified them :P
explicit346412 artist:badumsquish1939 derpibooru exclusive28038 twilight sparkle298554 alicorn221518 human153033 pony952459 ahegao24332 aphrodisiac201 bedroom eyes58648 blush sticker2453 blushing194950 blushing profusely1968 cowgirl position6931 cum78413 cumming21842 dark genitals10907 ear blush729 earthbound235 estrus1659 excessive vaginal secretions60 female1348655 floppy ears51495 forest10051 heart47711 heart eyes16062 horny1039 human on pony action10462 interspecies22576 looking at you165733 lying down16259 male367439 male pov7300 mare473297 messy hair938 messy tail238 mushroom934 mushroomized2 nudity365640 offscreen character33521 offscreen male305 on back24151 open mouth142565 penetration57275 pheromones53 pony on human action860 pov13815 raised tail15105 sex119404 show accurate14363 show accurate porn6802 spread wings53823 status ailment2 straight134766 sweat25927 sweatdrop3130 sweating bullets17 sweating profusely375 tail26894 tail aside1356 tongue out102320 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123014 vaginal38916 vaginal secretion stain779 vaginal secretions39427 vaginal secretions dripping39 vaginal secretions puddle416 wingboner8160 wingding eyes21902 wings104104


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So how did Twilight become mashroomized? Though if the MLP universe exists in the same universe as diamond dogs, are ramblin’ evil mushrooms a thing?
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@Little Ribbon
Their spores release a pheromone into your body when you inhale them :D

@Background Pony #4262
It just grows through their hair. It actually wants to come off pretty easily, since that's how they spread from place to place. Living creatures aren't a permanent host for them, just a vector. If the spores get in your hair a mushroom sprouts, which makes you horny as hell so you'll hopefully have sex with someone else and spread spores into their hair to sprout another one. It'll likely fall off during sex, or be shaken off once you snap back to your senses, where it roots itself to the ground and keeps growing :D
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Some fungi, like the famous Cordyceps, are able to alter their living hosts characteristics. Making them do what the fungi wants. For example a sort of Cordyceps that nists within a bug, can make it go to high, good illuminated places, allowing for better growth and distribution of their fruits spores.
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Mushrooms are actually the fruiting bodies of hyphae, which kind of ruin the sexiness of the above. Please don't look it up.
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Does this mean Twilight's gonna be having to deal with her own Satyr-spawn from GMHAA?