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Originally posted on: August 10, 2016, 8:45 PM UTC
Fallight ref
Name : Fallight Cloud (birth name : McGust)

Nickname : no

Species : pegasus

Age : 50

Family : Blue fields (husband), seven children (including Silver Fang, Dunnock and Elusive)

Cutie mark : two oak leaves

Special talents : something symbolical about her strenght of character that make her the enchorage of her family

Profession : She works with her husband in their Cloud Farm

Element : Generosity

Physical : She is a short dove. Delicate built and nice form, such a beauty !

Personality : She is nice, tolerant and really motherly with almost everybody. She's really suportive to her children. But she can have a hot temper even if with time she become more tranquil. Despite this she is really patient with children. In her couple, she takes most of decisions. She as a strong personnality behind her sweet attitude.

Other informations :
- She need glasses.


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