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safe1770492 artist:vetta76 twilight sparkle308502 alicorn236270 pony1030542 berry56 blushing207476 cute208142 daaaaaaaaaaaw4785 eyes on the prize5634 female1419175 floppy ears55538 food74167 fork931 herbivore1250 high res34675 hungry645 levitation12777 licking21129 licking lips4472 magic76407 pancakes1389 simple background415898 smiling267014 solo1109067 spread wings58241 syrup257 telekinesis29194 that pony sure does love pancakes1 tongue out110073 twiabetes12376 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127181 white background104430 wing fluff1730 wings127009


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Background Pony #6025
Alicorn eat a lot for their energy but Pinkie if she be a alicorn she will eat 2 a 3 time of what Twilight will eat as Alicorn!
Background Pony #9E16
How is “that pony sure does love pancakes” not a tag for Twilight yet?