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safe1726037 artist:vetta53 twilight sparkle302984 alicorn228285 pony986314 berry55 blushing200826 cute202748 daaaaaaaaaaaw4508 eyes on the prize5490 female1380440 floppy ears53164 food71428 fork904 herbivore1144 high res31091 hungry619 levitation12296 licking20521 licking lips4354 magic74232 pancakes1358 simple background400715 smiling254092 solo1077442 spread wings55679 syrup250 telekinesis28188 that pony sure does love pancakes1 tongue out105920 twiabetes12111 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124846 white background100155 wing fluff1652 wings111186


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Background Pony #6025
Alicorn eat a lot for their energy but Pinkie if she be a alicorn she will eat 2 a 3 time of what Twilight will eat as Alicorn!