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explicit418142 artist:stardep433 oc838401 oc only615637 oc:dr.heart205 oc:quantum melody15 bat pony64346 clydesdale351 pegasus408280 pony1327297 balls95690 bed50199 bedroom eyes72718 bedsheets1478 big balls13627 big penis15567 bigger male20 dark genitals14173 erection21647 feathered wings1614 floppy ears64661 folded wings13002 frottage1548 gay33119 glazed dick3759 horsecock86293 larger male304 looking at each other27674 lying down33082 lying on bed2435 male461023 medial ring9071 nudity453424 on back29729 on bed5901 penis188046 penis size difference1058 pillow22542 precum13313 sex149169 size difference18225 smaller male1172 smiling332262 smirk15926 stallion150816 stallion on stallion2421 vein13484 vein bulge4147 veiny cock11100 wide eyes18855 wings175829


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Background Pony #AD76
Is there an inverse of the “hot dog down a hallway” thing? Because if there is, I’m starting to think that’s what this will be like.
Like trying to squeeze the Goodyear blimp through a tube sock.
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You’ll definitely be seeing more of me and the big guy in the future so no worries there!
I’m kinda feeling sorry for your smaller-than-his-dick hole :P That dude’s nothing short of big. Hell, with you 2 comparable like this, you look closer to a colt than a stallion :P

this picture is so incredible that I can’t write my first comment for the sake of this) and despite the fact that I don’t prefer gay, it’s wildly hot and I really need a sequel or a comic)