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Fashionably late, but a little something for the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM…
safe1676967 artist:bobthedalek906 twilight sparkle296770 alicorn218815 pony939675 unicorn311317 mlp fim's tenth anniversary581 the last problem5555 clipboard1177 clothes449068 crown16240 doctor who3528 duality4182 fedora849 fourth doctor's scarf149 glowing horn19075 happy birthday mlp:fim1303 hat84431 horn62132 implied time travel46 jewelry60773 magic71788 magic aura3864 older25898 older twilight1545 pencil3545 peytral3379 princess twilight 2.02247 regalia19072 scarf22821 self paradox1275 self ponidox7875 simple background383776 telekinesis27072 time paradox459 tom baker's scarf73 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122163 unicorn twilight16604 white background95182


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Background Pony #BFBE
Shouldn't the past Twilight be wearing that outfit what Twilight thought her future self would be wearing