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It’s pancake time, with Twily!
dead source31820 safe1920961 artist:php142732 twilight sparkle327053 alicorn264711 pony1268354 bangs400 blushing231225 bronybait3180 cute228616 daaaaaaaaaaaw5589 female1556034 food83927 happy36915 heart58375 i'm pancake250 looking at you207611 pancakes1517 simple background481204 solo1226821 spread wings70901 talking to viewer3957 text72813 twiabetes13488 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135795 white background123746 wings163350


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I know your account is moved, but this is just like listening to Fountains of Wayne songs. Adam Schlesinger’s dead since 2020, and I couldn’t be comfortable seeing a comment section filled with him passed away. So I’m now stuck listening to their songs provided by YouTube instead.
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Even though I don’t think this is the place, the artist has admitted on twitter that he’s done ERP’s with underaged users. He was hoping everyone would forgive him, instead everyone rightly got pissed and now he’s gone into radio silence. Such a shame, his art was really cute and now I can’t enjoy it knowing he’s done such horrible things. :(
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Sure thing, I brought my old-school shaving kit.  
Wait, you said share not shave? You ran out of shaving cream?
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Touch Fluffy Tail
That’s not the real Twilight! it’s a changeling!
The real Twilight would’ve had that puny stack of pancakes downed before she could even begin to offer to share!