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safe1767777 artist:xbi798 princess celestia97251 twilight sparkle308176 alicorn235783 pony1027670 unicorn349628 bodypaint815 butt81036 cute207761 cutelestia3689 cutie mark50511 daaaaaaaaaaaw4767 drawing4718 featured image917 female1416815 filly70753 filly twilight sparkle2798 gradient background13697 high res34370 hnnng2492 hoof hold8792 momlestia1010 pencil3820 plot83133 smiling266103 tabun art-battle cover47 twiabetes12363 unicorn twilight19145 weapons-grade cute3796 wholesome536 xbi is trying to murder us4 younger17913


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This is so beautiful.  
A perfect representation of when the boundaries between a teacher and a parental figure begin to disappear.  
The older generation taking care of and teaching the young.  
Not just academics but generally preparing them for life and adulthood through patience, love, understanding and giving them space and freedom to expand while guiding them to greatness. What a truly, truly beautiful picture.
Background Pony #8969
Words simply cannot describe how adorable this is. I love it.
Never figured that Celestia’s butt would be so big to where you could draw on it, but it’s still super adorable.