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safe1975024 artist:jericollage7021 apple rose359 applejack188039 auburn vision317 auntie applesauce334 autumn blaze4876 berry blend551 berry bliss551 big macintosh31335 chancellor neighsay871 citrine spark475 clever musings196 cozy glow8802 discord34874 fire quacker475 firelight502 fluttershy238581 gallus8452 goldie delicious427 grampa gruff431 granny smith5817 huckleberry428 lightning dust5053 lord tirek5851 maud pie13955 mean twilight sparkle916 mudbriar907 november rain644 ocellus6397 peppermint goldylinks544 pinkie pie238888 prince rutherford839 princess celestia105217 princess ember7875 queen chrysalis39121 rainbow dash259775 rarity203418 rockhoof1277 sandbar6471 seaspray221 silverstream7321 slate sentiments135 sludge (g4)376 smolder10318 spike87403 starlight glimmer55407 stellar flare1464 strawberry scoop277 sugar belle3548 sugar maple160 summer breeze277 sunburst8021 terramar907 thorax5094 trixie74792 twilight sparkle333364 yona6119 alicorn275105 centaur4161 changedling10458 changeling58563 draconequus17053 dragon72388 earth pony362996 griffon32943 pegasus408320 seapony (g4)6230 yak5866 a matter of principals1189 a rockhoof and a hard place862 fake it 'til you make it1143 father knows beast962 friendship university780 grannies gone wild888 horse play1004 marks for effort1282 molt down995 non-compete clause836 road to friendship1664 school daze3070 school raze2516 season 82142 sounds of silence3441 surf and/or turf820 the break up breakdown762 the end in friend1210 the hearth's warming club1049 the maud couple809 the mean 61801 the parent map1118 the washouts (episode)1196 what lies beneath1820 yakity-sax831 spoiler:s081749 :i1817 a kirin tale142 alternate hairstyle33542 backwards ballcap1087 baseball cap2622 cap5878 collage1774 disguise6231 eyepatch3592 eyepatch (disguise)105 female1606531 floppy ears64663 fluttergoth1129 friendship student2000 hat109214 hipstershy306 i mean i see553 king thorax3534 male461035 mane six35362 musical instrument13699 plainity339 princess smolder274 rockhoof's shovel371 school of friendship1584 severeshy293 shipping230176 shovel1196 straight159899 student six1990 sugarmac942 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138761 wall of tags5431 winged spike9407 wings175856 yovidaphone215


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