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Sunbug Smooch

A much older sketch that became the predecessor for this comic.
safe1616993 artist:omny87330 princess celestia91238 queen chrysalis33399 alicorn206345 changeling43022 blushing182798 chryslestia268 cute186507 cutealis2106 female1287197 horn52290 insect wings171 kissing23073 lesbian91919 monochrome144938 shipping188517 sketch59146 smooch248 wings88032


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Ironically, if Chrysalis had simply approached Celestia with a business proposition, to pose as her body double for public appearances, they both could've benefited greatly from such a venture. Celestia would have more free time in her schedule, and Chrysalis would be besieged by more love than even she would know what to do with.