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She like-a the doughnut.
A cutie pic inspired by an old image by QuarantinedChaoz (idk if they have a twitter but artist:q on derpi lol).

Talking about this pic: >>1548304
suggestive143264 artist:somefrigginnerd170 oc686226 oc only449646 oc:pencil test75 earth pony249692 pony970122 :t3791 belly28545 belly button78082 belly fluff242 big belly11383 bipedal34696 chest fluff39234 clothes460547 donut2029 eating9626 eyes closed93812 fat22153 female1365526 food70269 high res29729 hoof on belly278 socks66481 solo1065971 squishy2552 thigh highs36418


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