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"Look. Im sorry. I apologize for this. Ponies are just really fun to draw.

Time Turner is often depicted as Doctor Who in fanart because he has an hourglass on his butt and literally no other reason. Youll see people claiming he resembles the tenth doctor. That is a lie. He resembles a goddamn horse.

He probably chose Derpy as his companion because she reminds him so much of his granddaughter. Or because they have the same last name.

The joke is that Daleks are absurdly powerful idiots who are afraid of everything. Which isnt really a joke as much as it is the entire premise of the Dalecks. I guess there is no joke. I drew a comic with My Little Pony characters as Doctor Who characters and there is no joke. And then I made it an animated gif. I am not proud of this."


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I approve of this unconventional interpretation of the Doctor, although his mane should be whiter. The First Doctor really established the series, bad special effects nonwithstanding.
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