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Originally posted on: August 21, 2014, 6:29 PM UTC
Grand Galloping Gala Dress
This is Gaby in her new gala dress. :happybounce:

Just testing some art without linework,
sooooo, What you think? 😁

God bless! 😜
safe1689407 artist:twin-fan64 oc673891 oc only442602 alicorn221231 pony951108 alicorn oc26021 clothes453299 dress43921 ear piercing25642 eyes closed91502 female1347359 horn64085 jewelry61958 mare472641 necklace18293 piercing40275 signature23819 simple background387597 solo1052459 transparent background199906 two toned wings2891 unshorn fetlocks24880 wings103840


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