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Originally posted on: November 10, 2013, 12:22 AM UTC
The night is ours. (Request!)
This is a request for Inferno111 hope you like it! 🙂

Blitz inferno belongs to Inferno111

Chrysalis belongs to Hasbro.
suggestive145236 artist:artmama113197 queen chrysalis35098 oc695925 oc:blitz inferno3 changeling48537 changeling queen16971 earth pony255600 anthro263964 blushing200547 breasts282476 busty queen chrysalis3711 canon x oc25489 chrysub218 clothes466193 collar33753 dialogue66382 drool25136 earth pony oc9065 eye scar5141 female1378992 femsub10891 full moon3490 good girl517 grin39473 looking up16794 male379131 maledom4648 master565 moon23706 muscles12538 night26807 partial nudity20825 pet play3785 pet tag1760 scar12199 signature25761 smiling253612 stars15885 straight138037 submissive16894 topless12678


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