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Shappy loves Pinkie Pie!!!! :3
safe1617029 artist:shappy the lamia47 edit123168 dj pon-328439 pinkie pie207623 vinyl scratch28440 oc628133 oc:shappy38 earth pony216459 hybrid16312 lamia1931 original species22666 plush pony174 pony884834 semi-anthro11105 bed37974 bedroom9124 caption20170 carrying2063 female1287226 funny3907 happy28844 heart44656 hooves16901 image macro36327 love4593 mother and child1630 mother and daughter5409 photo76503 pillow16416 plushie22539 plushies shy6 poster5004 scales996 slit eyes4183 smiley face1016 snake eyes178 snake tail88 snake tongue88 text53632


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