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I wanted to draw something DMC related, but also really wanted to draw Sunset
So here's Legendary Devil Hunter Sunset Shimmer!
I added a sketch of Sunset eating pizza on the top because I didn't want that space to be empty
safe1653521 artist:nire76 sunset shimmer60803 equestria girls193117 belts146 breasts264593 bunset shimmer1626 busty sunset shimmer5170 butt49973 chaps501 clothes440853 cosplay27298 costume26598 crossover60423 cutie mark accessory358 dante (devil may cry)123 devil may cry246 food66873 gloves19054 jacket11844 looking at you159236 one eye closed28550 pants13599 pizza1851 shirt23440 shrug1388 shrugset shimmer36 solo1029920 sword11262 thick4167 weapon29360 wink23554 winking at you592


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I do write yeah!
I can almost hear her voice shouting, "SWORDTRICKGUNROYAL," lol.

Hope we can see more DMC from ya 👀 like the other devil hunters