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Twilight is feeling funky! :P
And if you’re into something explicit, the aftermath :D
questionable112341 artist:badumsquish2025 derpibooru exclusive29708 twilight sparkle308413 alicorn236095 pony1029639 ahegao26003 aphrodisiac226 bedroom eyes62190 blush sticker2695 blushing207341 blushing profusely2157 ear blush829 earthbound238 estrus1780 face down ass up8990 female1418380 floppy ears55487 forest10757 heart50756 heart eyes17751 horny1210 imminent pounce85 imminent sex7478 looking at you178524 mare510930 messy hair1029 messy tail264 mushroom1001 mushroomized2 nudity387059 offscreen character36344 open mouth158150 pheromones54 raised tail16397 show accurate17370 solo1108365 spread wings58168 status ailment2 sweat28114 sweatdrop3485 sweating bullets24 sweating profusely408 tail33580 tail aside1599 tongue out109967 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127144 wingboner8413 wingding eyes23827 wings126780


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Background Pony #B7CA
Or maybe if they exist in the same universe as diamond dogs, then ramblin’ evil mushrooms may also exist there and have the ability to inflict mashroomization…