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Size: 1024x575 | Tagged: safe, artist:don-ko, doctor whooves, fluttershy, princess celestia, time turner, twilight sparkle, alicorn, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, comic:silence in the library, annoyed, anxiety, asphyxiation, behaving like a weapon, black and white, blushing, book, bookhorse, burned, choking, comic, dialogue, doctor who, english, erotic asphyxiation, exorcist, female, frown, gasp, grayscale, happy, hiding, horngasm, implied orgasm, magic, male, mare, monochrome, one-shot comic, orgasm, parody, photoshop, raised hoof, raised leg, rearing, silence in the library, simple background, sitting, smiling, spread wings, stallion, straight, the power of christ compels you, tongue out, unicorn twilight, vashta nerada, white background, wingboner, wings, yay