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Karoline Skies comes from a Slavic country with strong and beautiful traditions. Heritage is very close to her heart.

This particular outfit is inspired by Polish regional garments.

Drawing inspired by folk
safe1726499 artist:helmie-d168 oc697360 oc only455883 oc:karoline skies47 earth pony256381 pony986795 braid5974 braided tail1189 clothes466993 crepuscular rays2985 cute202831 dress45232 ear fluff30323 earth pony oc9169 featured image892 female1380901 floral head wreath2078 flower26158 folk costume10 freckles29481 high res31118 looking up16826 mare490712 ocbetes5516 outfit1364 poland352 profile6228 raised hoof47464 shoes37579 skirt40366 slavic34 smiling254177 solo1077746 standing12520 sweet dreams fuel1613 twin braids127


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