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He needed a dick. Based off my movie style dicks but in show style so he gets a special type of dick, also it has a gradient because all his other extremities have them!
Also he looks bored because it isn’t really his thing to show off his junk like this.
explicit365343 artist:lightningbolt938 derpibooru exclusive29671 classical unicorn4261 pony1027488 unicorn349560 .svg available8513 balls80756 cheek fluff6094 chin fluff227 clothes481793 cloven hooves10717 curved horn7334 dallon weekes16 dock fluff56 draw me like one of your french girls1356 ear fluff32132 facial markings2424 frown23864 gradient hooves669 gradient horn50 gradient penis2 gradient tail235 hock fluff20 horn80386 horsecock72815 leg fluff3267 leonine tail9349 lying down20482 male393344 nudity386465 on side6896 penis160982 ponified42252 precum11295 prone26625 shirt26591 simple background414718 solo1106759 solo male27602 stallion118237 svg3732 t-shirt4736 transparent background211306 unshorn fetlocks28102 vector78370


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