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He needed a dick. Based off my movie style dicks but in show style so he gets a special type of dick, also it has a gradient because all his other extremities have them!

Also he looks bored because it isn't really his thing to show off his junk like this.
explicit346320 artist:lightningbolt891 derpibooru exclusive28024 classical unicorn4066 pony952001 unicorn316447 .svg available8242 balls75100 cheek fluff5401 chin fluff168 clothes453701 cloven hooves9993 curved horn6618 dallon weekes16 dock fluff35 draw me like one of your french girls1295 ear fluff28801 facial markings199 frown22603 gradient hooves620 gradient horn43 gradient penis2 gradient tail188 hock fluff11 horn64275 horsecock67587 leg fluff2975 leonine tail8404 lying down16236 male367331 nudity365548 on side6642 penis151621 ponified40652 precum10457 prone25224 shirt24433 simple background387951 solo1053204 solo male26034 stallion106665 svg3582 t-shirt4339 transparent background200037 unshorn fetlocks24928 vector76225


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