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safe1765225 artist:badumsquish2021 derpibooru exclusive29610 rainbow dash239888 pegasus314699 pony1025194 arm behind back6515 bedroom eyes61989 behaving like a bird640 blushing206652 chest fluff41926 cloud32444 courtship34 cute207429 dashabetes9714 feather6340 female1414563 flirting1530 fluffy14865 impossibly large chest fluff133 mare508842 mating dance22 on a cloud1781 open mouth157219 peacocking19 show accurate17311 sitting66262 sitting on a cloud243 smiling265345 solo1105062 spread wings57904 wingboner8407 wings125873


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Background Pony #BAFE
what do cowponies, zebras and kangaunicorn do to attract a mate? also are you gonna draw more cowponies in the future?
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@Background Pony #2B69  
Love nests :P
@Background Pony #60C4  
Unicorns show off the length and girth of their horns, sphinxes use scents and riddles, sirens sing mating songs, goo ponies use shapeshifting to appeal to their potential mate’s interests, and snek ponies do a mating dance :D
They’re ponies who evolved bird traits. Not to be confused with harpies, which are birds that evolved pony traits :P
@Background Pony #2B69  
Also earth ponies, and the three wildly different mating behaviors are in constant conflict XD