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safe1689905 artist:badumsquish1935 derpibooru exclusive28010 rainbow dash232109 pegasus285404 pony951592 arm behind back5931 bedroom eyes58607 behaving like a bird615 blushing194794 chest fluff38191 cloud30309 courtship32 cute197406 dashabetes9109 feather5806 female1347829 flirting1448 fluffy14041 impossibly large chest fluff131 mare472910 mating dance21 on a cloud1520 open mouth142424 peacocking17 show accurate14349 sitting62300 sitting on a cloud218 smiling243599 solo1052797 spread wings53775 wingboner8158 wings103940


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@Background Pony #2B69
Love nests :P

@Background Pony #60C4
Unicorns show off the length and girth of their horns, sphinxes use scents and riddles, sirens sing mating songs, goo ponies use shapeshifting to appeal to their potential mate's interests, and snek ponies do a mating dance :D

They're ponies who evolved bird traits. Not to be confused with harpies, which are birds that evolved pony traits :P

@Background Pony #2B69
Also earth ponies, and the three wildly different mating behaviors are in constant conflict XD