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Should have locked the door!

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questionable109400 semi-grimdark29029 artist:blueblaze95193 twilight sparkle293882 oc653739 oc:blueblazer46 pony920681 anthro249573 unguligrade anthro46126 3d71498 animated96064 belly27097 belly button74019 big belly10350 book32409 breast expansion3277 breasts265051 burger1777 burp1852 candle4552 digestion2729 fast food273 fat21312 fatal82 food67030 grin36213 growth5444 huge belly3033 implied death2497 impossibly large belly9988 instant digestion23 looking at you159723 nipples158309 nudity355821 oral vore794 preylight797 same size vore479 skull2925 sleepy1548 smiling234499 soda1513 sound8150 source filmmaker43759 stomach noise2981 tired3008 underhoof49779 vore13923 webm12193 weight gain3995 yawn1352


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good animation, I wish the belly would have taken some of the hyper from the chest, but you do you ;
Still some really great frames indeed