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Now THERE is a good way to spend a Halloween and/or Nightmare Night :D
suggestive159543 artist:badumsquish2152 derpibooru exclusive31488 big macintosh30062 tantabus536 earth pony312335 pony1203856 bed46225 bedroom12225 blushing221500 caught3699 cuddling9107 duo90171 female1499452 female on top712 fetish45011 glowing8402 implied sex6630 interspecies25404 kiss mark1279 lipstick12736 lipstick fetish407 looking at you195835 male422204 mare556063 portal2078 rift32 shipping218058 show accurate20978 snuggling6825 stallion132341 straight149916 tantamac3 unshorn fetlocks31834


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Background Pony #E4F7
I’ve been seeing the term “wet nightmare” circulating recently. I think this applies.
Background Pony #657C
This is nice. But if this is shipping, what would this ship be called? “Macabus”? “TantaMac”?
Silver Bit -
Happy Derpy! -

Nah, she wanted to go to the real realm because that was her job at the time.
But after Luna didn’t need Tantabus anymore, she found herself with a lot of lonely free time on her hands. Luckily, she was able to meet a nice stallion with dreams of being an alicorn.
Sadly, their affair must be kept hidden. Luna does not approve of her creations dating, and Big Mac has many jealous creatures that want to claim him as their own.
This is why they meet up at place no one would expect: GMHAA house.