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Balls are a common thing at Celestia's castle, the mane six are always invited as heroes of the kingdom, they don't come to every party but when they do it's always a blast. Especially when renowned party thrower and kingdom savior Pinkie Pie comes!

She always makes the party a little bit extra!

Duke Vladimir Blueblood is often seen at these balls as he spends most of his time at parties at Canterlot. Out of all the mane six he only met Princess Twilight, Rarity, and very briefly Applejack.

Meeting such a mare as Pinkie Pie was a first for Blueblood, she didn't care he was royalty, she couldn't care less about his social status.
He was confused and quite frankly kind of shocked at first but he found himself appreciating her company. They spent most of the party running into each other without being able to finish a single discussion before some aristocrat wanting to meet one of them interrupts them. They managed to find one another at the end of the night and actually get to know each other.

They met again at a later party and again later and some more afterward.

Blueblood came multiple times to visit Pinkie Pie at Ponyville and together they had a lovely daughter named Candy Cane, but Vladimir soon realized this isn't what he wanted, living a life in a small town like this with a party planner, that just wasn't who he was.

He had a long conversation with Pinkie, she was very understanding, much more than he expected.

They parted ways amicably but Blueblood often looks back on this period of his life. He doesn't play a big part in the life of Candy Cane, his hooves are already full with his new wife Sassy Saddle, and his son Blue Lilium.

He just can't help but wonder what his life would've been like if he stayed…


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