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grimdark29875 grotesque12173 artist:olivecow51 gallus7604 ocellus5770 sandbar5952 silverstream6696 smolder9003 spike83933 yona5537 changedling9494 changeling54078 classical hippogriff5391 dragon64557 griffon30343 hippogriff11033 yak5224 abuse8398 black sclera2556 blood26932 blood on face86 blood on hooves17 blood on the floor20 comic117547 creepypasta993 crying47474 death5570 decapitated1970 decapitation454 female1499256 gallabuse92 glass5332 gore4850 guts430 headless806 impalement607 insanellus4 intestines476 knife5887 magic80660 male422135 meat cleaver59 murder1629 no eyes391 ocelbar126 oven404 red eyes7581 sandabuse25 severed head1700 shipping218040 smolderbuse51 spikeabuse857 straight149896 streambuse7 student six1755 yandere955 yonabuse24