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Yes, I'm aware this is very late.

🎃Happy Halloween!🎃
So, after much time and consideration— I'm finally opening up some commissions for Halloween/Autumn! As always, I deal with PSN gift cards for the time being. All my contact info, available slots, and any more additional info is available on my commissions page, and this time around I'm doing something a little different.

🎃What's in store for the spooky season?🎃

•$10- A lineless bust with any character to your choosing. Can take anywhere from 5-14 Days to finish.

•$20- A shaded lineless fullbody of any characters of your choosing. Can take 7-18 days to finish.

✪$25- Bust/Fullbody Combo— Can mix and match both choices to whatever character(s) you wish to choose! Save 17% off compared to buying both individually for $30.

🎃The Cans and Cannots🎃

✅Absolutely can do it!✅:
•Monster Ponies/hybrid ponies
•Simple or Candy gore (especially with Halloween around, go for it! :D)

⚠️Maybe, but not guaranteed.⚠️:
•Slighty detailed outfits/designs
•Suggestive themes (this is a big if. Think of something that what maximum would be rated as suggestive herem)
•Darker themes (self-harm, suicide, homicide— generally what would be considered as either grimdark/borderline grimdark on derpi).

⛔No go.⛔
•Anthro (this includes species such as Diamond Dogs, Abyssinians, dragons, etc.)
•Lewd NSFW
•Fetish themed
•Extremely detailed outfits/designs
•Hyper realistic gore
•Political themes in general
•Underaged Characters in any compromised positions regarding more violent situations and all lewd requests. The character must be at least of the age of 18 or older.

If there's something here you don't see, ask me to see if it's alright or not with me.

🎃How long will it last?🎃
While there are limited spots, I'm planning on doing this through Friday, November 27th, 2020.

Well then, that's all for now! Once again, if you wish for more info on my commissions, availability, or contacts— go visit my commission page over here Take care, and have a safe and happy Halloween!
semi-grimdark28688 artist:binkyt11969 surprise2919 oc644103 goo1374 pegasus266621 pony906397 unicorn296109 abstract background13100 advertisement8247 bags under eyes1872 bust45689 candy gore453 chromatic aberration1409 commission info1084 curved horn6318 ear fluff26357 female1306580 glasses58362 gore4253 horn56084 lineless3605 mare450480 pain1823


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