April... fools? Well not fools. Just a game. Have fun! (Original post updated, please re-read it) Info here.
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Took me some time to figure out a Halloween vector idea for this year, and it turns out I like doing gore for this holiday. It takes forrrrreeeeever to do, but it’s worth it in the end.
A story for this, lets say Oliver is walking out of his store at the end of the day and he gets jumped by some crazy pegasus (Awsten) with a knife and dragged into a nearby back alley where he gets his forelegs tied back and stabbed in the torso so Awsten can play with his guts. He’s a zombie so he’ll be fine, it’s just quite rude to do that to somepony you never met without asking first.
Part 1  
Part 2  
Part 3
semi-grimdark33739 artist:lightningbolt1061 derpibooru exclusive35439 part of a set19243 earth pony373452 pegasus418193 pony1351919 undead4413 zombie2757 zombie pony984 .svg available9695 awsten knight39 bipedal44517 bloodshot eyes3735 brick wall816 bring me the horizon518 clothes569727 colored pupils11985 colored sclera798 drop dead clothing237 duo124670 duo male1882 dyed mane487 dyed tail185 ears back2368 fangs34127 flying48291 glasgow smile152 grin54219 hooves behind back105 imminent gore27 imminent pain174 jewelry93826 knife6454 male470474 necklace26530 oliver sykes463 ponified46926 rope14377 scar14753 shirt33437 smiling339360 spread wings77644 stallion157131 stitches1152 svg4414 t-shirt5869 tattoo7295 this will end in pain2395 tied up7538 torn ear1468 trash can1017 vector84796 waterparks42 wings181007


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