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Took me some time to figure out a Halloween vector idea for this year, and it turns out I like doing gore for this holiday. It takes forrrrreeeeever to do, but it’s worth it in the end.
A story for this, lets say Oliver is walking out of his store at the end of the day and he gets jumped by some crazy pegasus (Awsten) with a knife and dragged into a nearby back alley where he gets his forelegs tied back and stabbed in the torso so Awsten can play with his guts. He’s a zombie so he’ll be fine, it’s just quite rude to do that to somepony you never met without asking first.
Part 1  
Part 2  
Part 3
semi-grimdark30386 artist:lightningbolt919 derpibooru exclusive29345 part of a set13523 earth pony266790 pegasus309932 pony1012488 undead2276 zombie2357 zombie pony739 .svg available8469 awsten knight29 bipedal36247 bloodshot eyes1569 brick wall524 bring me the horizon441 clothes476671 colored pupils10161 colored sclera700 drop dead clothing206 duo64929 duo male681 dyed mane357 dyed tail122 fangs26744 floppy ears54645 flying39476 glasgow smile146 grin41069 hooves behind back46 imminent gore24 imminent pain130 jewelry68534 knife5497 male388711 necklace20589 oliver sykes394 ponified42030 rope11867 scar12467 shirt26241 smiling261698 spread wings57198 stallion116009 stitches908 svg3704 t-shirt4675 tattoo5805 this will end in pain2041 tied up6077 torn ear790 trash can857 vector77922 waterparks32 wings123536


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