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safe1687972 screencap219893 applejack168318 flash magnus818 fluttershy210723 gallus6641 meadowbrook822 mistmane756 ocellus5215 pinkie pie214426 rainbow dash231876 rarity180080 rockhoof1126 sandbar5394 silverstream6055 smolder7788 somnambula1893 spike78238 star swirl the bearded2002 twilight sparkle298144 yona5037 alicorn220910 dragon55170 earth pony241802 pegasus284708 yak4538 the ending of the end3143 mane seven6459 mane six31640 pillars of equestria280 student six1611 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122826 winged spike8290


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Background Pony #B160
Not a single one of these souls reached out to any of the three, and not one of them spoke out against Discord or the princesses’ heinous act. Just sad.