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Paddy is mixing Snickerdoodle Cookie batter with Peach Blossom (the orange filly on the desk), and then there's Shatter and Twilight looking for each other and holding the, "Age Regression Candies".

Commission scene 5 out of 6.
suggestive148261 artist:lynnthenerdkitty394 twilight sparkle305972 oc711216 oc:paddy sparkle37 oc:peach blossom88 oc:shatter misty cloud158 alicorn232679 pegasus308734 pony1009401 unicorn341820 :t3862 adult foal1666 apron4392 baking692 batter269 candy7094 clothes475427 commission72922 diaper13825 diaper fetish10163 eyes closed97898 fetish41661 food72886 footed sleeper602 footie pajamas135 implied flash sentry140 kitchen1913 levitation12541 lying down19566 magic75329 mouth hold18050 onesie792 oven383 pajamas3380 ponified41977 poofy diaper4574 prone26328 rp story by lynn6 shatter (transformers)160 smiling260493 telekinesis28687 transformers4050 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126144


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