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Friends Can Change The World

An illustration of the friendships Starlight Glimmer has made throughout the show.

Friends Are Always There For You

Because your friends are always there for you
You don't have to be the same for friendship to be true
Because your friends are always there for you
Around the world, it's still the same
Together you have more to gain
There's nothing that a friend won't do
safe1704138 artist:andoanimalia855 artist:not-yet-a-brony32 screencap221931 apple bloom49429 applejack169694 arista170 clypeus187 cornicle208 discord30938 double diamond1675 firelight431 fluttershy212397 frenulum (character)168 juniper montage1336 luster dawn1539 maud pie12445 night glider1365 party favor1529 pharynx1004 pinkie pie215995 princess celestia94928 princess flurry heart7253 princess luna99042 rainbow dash233686 rarity181627 sci-twi24238 scootaloo51210 soupling165 spike78706 starlight glimmer48584 sugar belle3144 sunburst6744 sunset shimmer62915 sweetie belle48980 thorax4329 trixie67408 twilight sparkle300051 alicorn224044 changedling8346 changeling47502 mlp fim's tenth anniversary581 equestria girls200129 friendship is magic2873 marks for effort1153 memories and more141 mirror magic2516 no second prances1869 rock solid friendship1232 the crystalling2167 the cutie re-mark3200 the last problem5772 the parent map1058 to change a changeling759 to where and back again2724 spoiler:eqg specials5285 spoiler:memories and more141 spoiler:mlp friendship is forever652 clothes458804 compilation549 coronation dress693 cutie mark crusaders19009 dress44426 father and child870 father and daughter2566 female1360966 friends are always there for you86 friendship1260 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 humane five3374 humane seven2510 humane six3203 king thorax2887 lyrics in the description113 male371922 mane seven6499 mane six31866 older26653 older applejack747 older fluttershy699 older mane seven239 older mane six357 older pinkie pie707 older rainbow dash829 older rarity695 older spike5259 older starlight glimmer183 older twilight1652 prince pharynx734 princess twilight 2.02347 removed eyebag edit49 second coronation dress231 then and now63 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123560 youtube link4955


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