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another rainbow dash x cheese sandwich kid
the slightly younger sister of jet puff!
Party popper is an attention seeker, her older sister was more emotional, and often bullied so poppers parents  
had to keep a close eye on jet puff, making popper feel left out. It only got worse when puff found her calling as a firefighter,  
and becoming a hero to ponies she saves.
once popper hit her teens she started acting out, getting Really rowdy and into fights, falling into the wrong crowd  
coming home with piercings and other such things. Her and rainbow dash started arguing a Lot, their relationship getting strained, while  
cheese couldn’t do anything but watch them spiral.
Popper and jet puff don’t get along much to puffs dismay, puff wants them to be close like they were when they were kids but  
poppers resentment for being in puffs shadow is keeping them from reconciling.
however popper Does love her sister and knows deep down it isn’t puffs fault, so whenever puff gets bullied the next day both popper and the bullies are sporting some bruises.
Popper is Loud, and Crass, trying to get everyone’s attention on her even if its bad. She has a bad temper and is quick to throw  
the first punch. If you can manage to get past her surly tough mask then you’ve got a friend for life.
safe1995083 artist:etchnsketches5 oc849130 oc only622699 oc:party popper36 cat7873 earth pony372076 pony1347805 anthro321426 backwards ballcap1095 baseball cap2656 belly button97499 belly piercing1840 bellyring1588 cap5959 clothes568298 compression shorts1456 confident1025 ear piercing36510 earring27765 female1625228 floppy ears65385 front view1361 green fur190 gym shorts394 hand on hip11198 hat110496 jewelry93459 long mane4850 mare630425 midriff22097 multicolored mane3191 multicolored tail2289 offspring47151 one eye closed40546 parent:cheese sandwich2176 parent:rainbow dash6899 parents:cheesedash73 piercing54685 pink eyes1257 shirt33343 shorts17500 shorts over shorts16 side knot shirt1 side slit1693 side view2747 simple background512244 skateboard872 smiling338377 solo1287472 t-shirt5854 tomboy1475 tongue out130801 white background134199


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