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Small collaboration with an interesting author

My part: sketch, line, post-processing
Jeday part: paint, shade, background
safe1679238 artist:jedayskayvoker440 artist:shadowreindeer236 rarity179370 sweetie belle48499 mermaid1935 pony941656 unicorn312044 clothes449754 collaboration5217 costume26981 cute195739 daaaaaaaaaaaw3681 diasweetes2855 dress43561 female1338635 glowing horn19099 halloween8174 holiday19948 horn62439 jack-o-lantern2313 levitation11841 magic71867 magic aura3870 mermarity256 moon23068 night25689 nightmare night4700 nightmare night costume1566 princess2181 princess costume41 pumpkin bucket596 raribetes5266 siblings8099 sisters8541 sweetie belle's magic brings a great big smile222 telekinesis27103


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