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Non-player character for an ongoing FO:E project/RPG. Unlike the GECK-Os, Sugar Bush comes from an interim test run with the IMP serum, completed just before the GECK-O projects were approved of at the ministerial level.
She's been found by Team A in a sugar shack (a log cabin) in one of the rare, still standing, maple forest east of Foaledo. Despite not being part of the GECK-O project, she was put in a vault filled with a strategic reserve of maple syrup (this brings into question what other kind of strategic reserves Equestria has prior to the megaspells.) It seems she belongs to the same class as the GECK-O-E, the earth pony concentrators, like Life Spark and Ecosystem, as she has been using her magic to keep the forest alive and relatively healthy.

Her past is completely unknown as this point in the game.


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