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Aqasha, the goddess of destruction, and Nerath, the goddess of nightmares have awoken. Their power returned, they stand proud and victorious. All who fell during the battle have been revived, either to become crystalized or molten, blindly following their new leaders. No longer Celestia or Luna, Daybreaker or Nightmare Moon, they had become the embodiment of nature's wrath, calamity given form. One with the force of an erupting volcano and the other coursing with the piercing cold of the cruelest blizzard, they stood alongside their followers, transformed far beyond the form their peers once knew. The dark priestesses and the goddesses stood fearless and confident…the final nightmare of the Eclipse has begun.


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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May also want a tag "This will end in death" since the story behind the pic and what led to the Final Eclipse is almost Dark Souls-ish due to just how apocalyptical their entrance and reign is.