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In this scene, Paddy is hypnotizing a genderbent, Pony Megatron into having an alternate lifestyle.

Commission scene 4 out of 6.
suggestive148386 artist:lynnthenerdkitty396 oc711709 oc:paddy sparkle37 alicorn232835 pony1010134 adult foal1669 commission73031 crossover63799 cutie mark49695 decepticon285 diaper13833 diaper fetish10171 female1401551 fetish41693 hypnosis3645 hypnosis fetish203 mare502020 megatron616 mental regression318 not twilight sparkle472 pendulum swing369 pocket watch394 ponified41994 poofy diaper4579 rp story by lynn6 rule 6327484 swirly eyes2626 transformers4052


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Wish that this would lead to a new trend in cannon characters. Would be an excellent change instead of seeing nothing but house broken and or potty trained ponies all the time. Sorry if I am be gross or rude.
Paper Pag Wizard

Stuck with typo. Derp.
Nicely done. I still can never get enough of your work. Though these RP scenarios you draw out do really leave me curious sometimes on how they lead where they do. Not complaining, of course. More is always good.