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safe1727184 artist:xbi783 rarity183626 sweetie belle49395 pony987450 unicorn332386 applying makeup12 blank flank7641 cute202919 diasweetes2956 duo62884 fake cutie mark521 heavy makeup9 horses doing horse things1248 horses doing human things19 lipstick11387 looking down9088 makeup22131 mirror5330 rarity is not amused457 snorting521 tabun art-battle finished after69 this will not end well1684 unamused16489


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Background Pony #A607
D'aw. Well, don't be too hard on her, Rara. Yes she is wasting expensive makeup, but I believe the better solution here would be to teach Sweetie how to use it, that less is more, etc, rather than berate her. After all, she does this out of love for her elder sister. :)
Background Pony #651D
Sweetie, Button will love you no matter how you look. Though he wouldn't complain if you did a Samus Marean cosplay, I'm sure.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Rarity: Little sister, when it comes to makeup, more is not necessarily better. Rather, it is important to keep in mind that the rule, 'less is more' often is applied here. You want makeup to enhance, not conceal. <<Thinking to herself>> Though I cringe on how much buying the makeup I need is going to cost me until she learns how to do her makeup properly.
Background Pony #6BB6
Even if it can't be explained away like that, it's also nice to see in retrospect, because it means Rarity really did go through a lot of character development. Forgot what show writer said this, but I remember hearing someone say one time that Rarity's personality would more likely be used for a villain in less forward-thinking shows. They would take her love of fashion and high society and near-obsession with looking perfect as selfish traits, and build her up differently. This show started out with her exhibiting certain selfish traits at times, and she grew out of all of them. She's nowhere near my favorite character but I do appreciate what was done with her.