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Another comic I did together with Rated-R-PonyStar . This was a bit different from the usual comic, since there’s not too much dialogue - so a nice amount of room for drawing stuff, despite being half of the usual size.
safe1947763 artist:xeviousgreenii133 gallus8340 ocellus6315 sandbar6432 silverstream7241 smolder10171 yona6062 changedling10300 changeling57641 classical hippogriff5944 dragon70569 griffon32456 hippogriff12020 absurd file size2589 body language3 calvin and hobbes113 card3154 female1580958 library3675 male451298 playing card677 poker403 poker chips81 poker face208 shipping227322 straight157403 student six1971 tail wag1272 traditional art130162 yonabar407


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why are yona and sanbar tagged they aren’t in this pic they aren’t even mention
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Luckily for Ocellus, she’s trained herself to be much better at keeping her wing-tail from wagging, since it tends to be noisier than the other students’ tails.