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Early Nightmare Night picture!  
5+ Edits on Patreon
explicit417320 artist:twistedscarlett601213 nightmare moon18925 alicorn274602 anthro315866 plantigrade anthro43048 areola24803 belly button95777 big breasts106922 breast grab8933 breasts343429 busty nightmare moon1608 chest fluff53371 cleavage41001 complete nudity6170 ear fluff41681 eyelashes21708 eyeshadow22632 female1604082 grope16860 horn117378 huge breasts49591 looking at you217224 lying down32886 makeup31002 mare618787 nipples211707 nudity452497 presenting29806 self grope1668 sexy38020 shoulder fluff2522 solo1268811 solo female207666 spread legs24990 spreading25337 stupid sexy nightmare moon920 vulva161122 wings175250 wrong eye color1208


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If she had just settled on being the ‘sexy night goddess’ and not attempted sororicide, she could have had a dedicated nightly following.