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So I ponified Mr. Burns’ demon ponies :P
Pony forms: >>2472585  
Real forms: >>2472586  
Futa version: >>2472589
explicit388731 artist:badumsquish2152 demon3470 demon pony1582 earth pony312334 monster pony3963 original species28980 pony1203853 balls87489 bedroom eyes66870 dewdrop (the simpsons)3 flirting1943 flower29506 flower in hair9060 forked tongue1426 futa51265 honeysuckle (the simpsons)3 horns7490 horsecock79186 intersex49223 long tongue2476 looking at you195834 nudity418901 office1031 penis173281 ponified44132 red eyes7585 sharp teeth4546 simpsons did it451 slit pupils5591 smiling296463 sugarbell (the simpsons)3 teeth12090 the simpsons1957 tongue out118180 trio13145 unshorn fetlocks31833


not provided yet


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Background Pony #9CD8
Is the futa flu a seasonal flu? Or do demons like them spread it with magic just to annoy others
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Background Pony #E678
>When you though you were going to smash, but you get smashed  
Eh, still a win to me
Background Pony #2EA8
It’s been a while since we got a futa pic… Why do i get the feeling that this will get a follow-up