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Current weight: 600 lbs
Total weight thus far: 1619 lbs
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suggestive143089 artist:lupin quill920 dj pon-329262 vinyl scratch29261 pony968036 unicorn323568 series:vinyl scratch weight gain drive11 belly28482 big belly11349 bingo wings2341 butt58926 chubby cheeks3758 dialogue65549 double chin1829 fat22128 fat fetish1541 female1363506 fetish39989 flabby chest354 floppy ears52341 food70138 ice cream5028 incentive drive221 large butt16768 magic73282 mare480835 morbidly obese7864 near immobile292 neck roll990 obese11565 open mouth145916 out of service4 out of shape41 outdoors10695 panting2914 plot79042 rolls of fat1788 sign3981 skyscraper259 solo1064518 stairs1667 sunglasses14476 sweat26360 sweatdrop3194 talking to viewer2716 the ass was fat13836 tongue out103989 vinyl ass549 vinyl fat244 weight gain sequence810


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Background Pony #0759
Why is the pony on the emergency exit sign big too? Is massive weight gain common in this version of Equestria?
Background Pony #0759
Seems like she gained a disproportionate amount in her face. Looks kinda odd from the side, but it’s absolutely adorable from the front.