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Faster than a Speeding Pegasus… More Powerful than a Militarian Bomb…
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Too bad she’s going to lose her beautiful/pretty face soon because she’s going head long in a goddamn speed laid with a bunch of BULLSHIT UP!!! And- (Mega man explosion) she’s gone/off! And by that she disengaged! She’s dead!
Background Pony #E666
Waiting for someone to upload the moment where Dash smashes that everfree forest piranha plant. Fuck that was unexpectedly awesome and badass. Seems they really gain some super strength in their pony-up forms. Makes me actually want to see a spin-off series with the girls battling magical creatures escaping from Equestria. I can’t believe I just said that…
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They could go the 3rd Blue Beetle approach & have a secret identity but with pretty much everyone who’s close knowing their identity.
Like your friends know, but it’s secret to the public.
(Also Johnny Storm was a teenager when they started if you want to get technical with the FF example.)
Artist -

I always thought that the human Mane Six should become superheroes with their powers. Although it kinda defeats the purpose when everyone knows your identity.