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Originally posted on: October 18, 2020, 7:20 PM UTC
Six Characters That Remind People of Me
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safe1618421 artist:joeywaggoner454 sci-twi22538 twilight sparkle288706 dog8860 frog594 mouse1128 anthro240822 equestria girls188022 animaniacs165 art meme19 crossed arms4549 crossover59348 goofy (disney)69 grin34732 gritted teeth10877 handshake121 hat off29 heart tail16 kermit the frog72 mickey mouse164 open mouth130270 out of frame170 pacman eyes180 signature20864 six fanarts1467 smiling225114 the muppets135 wander (wander over yonder)184 wander over yonder346 waving2685 yakko warner38


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