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Here's to a decade of friendship, cupcakes, and exploding rainbows. Happy 10th Anniversary My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

If you think this piece was crowded now, this was the toned-down version. There were a ton of other characters I wanted to feature here. This show just had a fantastic cast of memorable characters.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the show wasn't perfect, but it made me happy, it made a lot of people happy. I think that's what's most important in the end.
safe1706859 artist:joeywaggoner456 apple bloom49513 applejack169947 discord30978 fluttershy212698 pinkie pie216243 princess celestia95038 princess luna99157 rainbow dash233992 rarity181873 scootaloo51262 spike78793 starlight glimmer48662 sunset shimmer63028 sweetie belle49044 twilight sparkle300364 alicorn224507 draconequus11723 dragon56326 earth pony248922 pegasus291986 pony968046 unicorn323574 mlp fim's tenth anniversary582 :34538 applejack's hat7350 arm behind head6346 arms wide open116 blushing197717 braided pigtails163 bridesmaid dress289 cake9790 camera3982 cape10332 clothes459765 cmc cape244 coronation dress696 costume27447 cowboy hat15887 crown16938 cutie mark crusaders19031 dangerous mission outfit773 detective rarity692 dress44536 eye clipping through hair5629 female1363512 flower25652 flower in hair7729 flying38168 food70139 gala dress4570 goggles14059 gradient background12637 grin38554 group3491 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hat86893 high res29572 hoodie14163 hoof shoes5396 hooves in air233 jacket12536 jewelry63699 jumping out of cake11 leather jacket3254 looking at you168710 looking up16483 male372849 mane seven6512 mane six31909 mare480837 one eye closed30754 open mouth145917 pacman eyes188 peytral3550 raised hoof45667 regalia19930 royal sisters4452 saloon dress367 saloon pinkie290 show stopper outfits293 signature24798 simple background393579 sisters8850 smiling248596 smiling at you3729 top hat4191 tuxedo1384 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123671 uniform10621 wide eyes17048 winged spike8376 wink24751 winking at you833 wonderbolts uniform5838


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