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My friend and ghostwriter flabbyfurry wrote a WG story involving Luna and Twilight, and I liked it so much that I just had to illustrate it. This isn't super accurate, as Twilight is supposed to be wearing a dress, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.
suggestive145589 artist:lordstormcaller120 part of a set12760 princess celestia95888 princess luna99969 twilight sparkle303267 alicorn228725 unicorn332885 anthro264908 unguligrade anthro49335 series:gamer grub3 belly29018 belly button79576 belly grab213 big belly11695 big breasts83919 bikini18585 bra16199 breasts283753 busty princess celestia10400 busty princess luna7063 busty twilight sparkle12237 chubby cheeks3850 cleavage35150 clothes467634 dialogue66600 diet79 expansion876 fanfic art14641 fat22391 fattening61 female1382512 females only12777 fetish40810 hands on belly62 high res31197 illustration398 light blue background30 looking at each other20855 muffin top705 obese11716 overweight379 pants14957 part of a series2640 princess moonpig574 shorts14234 simple background401649 speech bubble23791 sweatpants370 swimsuit28949 thighs14372 thunder thighs8671 tight clothing2604 trio9451 trio female1906 twilard sparkle1364 underwear61704 weight gain4350


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Poor princess Twilight Sparkle really should stop eating burger to regain her slim and elegant figure