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One night in the Capital of Canterlot, the small human prince Tommy has yet another dream episode. However unlike the terror of Sombra that had haunted his visions before, this time an old ancient threat decides to poke into the young boys dreams. What will Tommy find as he wanders the world of his dreams!

Brought to you and illustrated beautifully by the artist princebluemoon3 :iconprincebluemoon3:
Now continuing on with part 2!!
safe1722887 artist:princebluemoon3770 discord31245 oc694876 oc:queen galaxia334 oc:tommy the human496 alicorn227716 draconequus12106 pony983351 comic:the chaos within us444 alicorn oc27015 alicornified5411 black and white13120 canterlot5726 canterlot castle2200 castle2052 child1982 comic109904 commissioner:bigonionbean1985 crying44016 dialogue66301 female1377678 fusion5232 fusion:queen galaxia277 grayscale38464 hidden face80 holding3244 holding back23 horn69959 magic74057 male378513 monochrome150701 possessed1743 possession502 race swap14402 sad24733 scared10561 screaming3457 shocked7081 smoke2608 sparkles4627 tears of pain1107 traditional art118632 vein3844 vein bulge2941 wings110544 writer:bigonionbean1709


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