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safe1749082 screencap227065 alizarin bubblegum209 applejack173131 aqua blossom607 bon bon16682 captain planet693 carlos thunderbolt81 celery stalk67 cherry crash660 crimson napalm270 dean cadance1172 derpy hooves50753 flash sentry13158 fleur-de-lis3759 fluttershy217081 frosty orange259 garden grove174 heath burns434 indigo zap2523 jet set463 lemon zest3226 lyra heartstrings30082 microchips1395 neon lights906 peter bread24 pinkie pie220040 pokey pierce1385 princess cadance33127 princess celestia96710 princess luna100741 principal abacus cinch979 principal celestia3601 rainbow dash238391 rarity185446 rising star902 sandalwood1119 sci-twi25187 scott green428 scribble dee547 skyline shores23 sour sweet3391 sugarcoat3386 sunny flare2772 sunset shimmer64723 suri polomare1240 sweet leaf551 sweetie drops16681 taffy shade85 trenderhoof874 twilight sparkle305944 upper crust671 vice principal luna2584 equestria girls206710 friendship games12819 alizary50 background human6310 brooch384 canterlot high2851 clothes475370 crystal prep academy953 crystal prep academy uniform3448 crystal prep shadowbolts1335 cutie mark accessory520 cutie mark brooch115 female1400642 humane five3604 humane seven2674 humane six3416 jewelry68013 male387550 peter bread owlseye25 school uniform7430 shadow five651 shadow six217 wondercolts721


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Background Pony #BDB1
From this moment on canterlot high will be your battle ground!
Sunset shimmer, twilight sparkle, you two will be first.
Let the tournament begin!
Background Pony #CFD6
@The Punchness
i'll understand perfectly, that there is something that you do not know anything about high school, not only are there teenagers, the young people of an older age also attend as you explain the mustaches, and the appearance that they look like twenty-somethings.
Background Pony #CFD6
@The Punchness
Hey you, why do you have to say the same nonsense and see that they are not really? They are not children, they are older and all this is compared to their pony counterparts. the only kids are the cutie mark crusaders,
Background Pony #E0CD
I love how Celestia and Luna are standing right next to each other, and smiling. It might be a minor thing, but it does show their emotional closeness.

… And is it only me, or are they actually closer to their students than Cinch is to her own?
Background Pony #6182
Good lord are those two tall compared to the high schoolers… What are they, 7 foot?
Background Pony #0F93
And once again I can't help but think that Cinch is Sunny Flare's mother

Just look at them next to each other arm crossed