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I was inspired by someone here.
safe1616540 anonymous artist2415 derpibooru exclusive25791 doctor caballeron763 scootaloo49656 earth pony216297 pegasus257596 pony884362 .svg available7839 apple15284 apron3972 base used16844 blushing182703 cleaning437 clothes426353 crack shipping3515 cutie mark43908 dishes117 eyelashes5810 eyes closed84150 female1286796 folded wings5090 food64338 fruit963 housewife220 kiss on the cheek1565 kissing23064 kitchen1664 male344110 mare439794 naked apron925 older24361 older scootaloo1828 one eye closed27119 refrigerator486 scootalleron14 scootalove1633 shipping188445 smiling224689 stallion97928 straight127915 svg3345 the cmc's cutie marks4662 tomboy taming365 vector72791 wings87931


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Background Pony #0F32
So, is this the "good" ending? Where after all the nasty stuff, Caballeron steals Scoots away from the gang and both hide in a village in who-knows-where, where they live as a writer and his wife, writing smut stories based on "real events"?
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