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And another comic was done… Two additional pages as well as special arts will be available for 25$+ patrons in the coming weeks <3
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explicit362354 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217600 oc713591 oc:anon11927 human159246 pegasus310499 pony1014019 comic:hearts aflutter22 comic111633 creampie32114 cum81853 cumming23327 female1405172 holding hoof28 hoof hold8658 hoofholding11 human on pony action10736 internal cumshot3759 interspecies23653 male389130 penetration61218 sex126091 straight140617 vaginal41174 wholesome porn95 x-ray8223


not provided yet


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Background Pony #2F29
There are more pages of preamble than there are of penetration. and he wants you to pay $25 to see the actual end. I’m so glad I waited until it was done to read it, I would have been seriously disappointed if I’d supported this on patreon.

This is seriously one of the cutest, most wholesome porn comics I’ve seen. This is probably exactly how it feels like to have Fluttershy as a wife. Really hope there is going to be a continuation.
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Hoofsies Rule
that is imo the best internal cumshot you have drawn so <3  
FLuttershy i love you, this is the best night ever for you and your love <3
Best work again both of you! This comic was amazing!  
@SubLt. Skydreams  
agreed they have a real talent to make such wholesome high quality love making art
honestly a few/ bonus picture would be nice like with display of passion. maybe with a happy pregnant Fluttershy!