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translation:rushed towards shy the moment the show was over
A flutterdash request from my friend
safe1749196 artist:yaco314 fleetfoot2247 fluttershy217106 rainbow dash238407 soarin'14196 spitfire13683 pegasus308733 pony1009387 :i1611 bipedal36164 blushing204420 chinese2930 clothes475423 expressions974 eyes closed97898 female1400757 flag4021 flutterdash4613 french kiss1970 glomp438 goggles14424 grin40839 hoof hold8600 hug29118 kissing25350 lesbian99214 lesbian in front of boys577 male387592 mare501634 open mouth154002 question mark4692 raised hoof48377 shipper on deck1458 shipping205525 simple background408720 smiling260491 spread wings56983 stallion115556 starry eyes3514 surprised9573 uniform11146 white background102387 wingboner8377 wingding eyes23417 wings122847 wonderbolts3690 wonderbolts uniform5982


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