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safe1703778 artist:krissstudios176 twilight sparkle300008 alicorn223988 pony965088 adorable distress550 anatomically incorrect4127 blushing197176 chest fluff39022 curved horn6709 cute199381 ear fluff29455 featureless crotch6887 female1360564 flexible2116 floppy ears52200 frog (hoof)12921 gray background7144 high res29106 horn66818 incorrect leg anatomy1801 leg fluff3025 looking at you168113 mare479283 one eye closed30589 open mouth145289 pubic fluff3816 raised leg7701 simple background392487 solo1062347 spread legs19030 spreading18875 standing splits116 stretching2345 twiabetes11718 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123549 underhoof51995 wat19223 wink24665 yoga732


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Background Pony #308F
Since her front legs are legs, too, she could still partake in the trend just by lifting one of those.